Malcesine, Lake Garda to Verona


Total Ascent

Highest Point


The Final Push to Verona – The last day of riding began trying to get out onto the busy road in-between the traffic. It was good to see Lake Garda, but I don’t like cycling on roads with cars, and I looked forward to getting back onto a real cycle track again.

We managed to find a safe track by the lakeside, but this was meant for pedestrians and was not for long either. Most of the morning we were on the road and it seemed a shame, as this was not the same experience as we had on the cycle paths. The lake was lovely, but we were not relaxed enough to enjoy it to the full.

Arriving at Garda was the turning point as we headed east into the hills, rising gently into the countryside again. I must admit, another hill on Day 6 was tough to take, but I kept thinking that at least it was not the Alps again.

We were on rubble paths again which slowed down progress, and they turned out to be very steep, probably the steepest part of the whole trip, but not for long. Soon we were on some country lanes through more vineyards.

After a quick break for a snack and water we were back on nice cycle tracks through the woods. These were up and down, but the surface allowed us to get through without too much effort.

Pretty soon we were back down to the bottom of the hill and following the river, which would take us all the way to Verona.

We stopped at a bar in Bussolengo to prepare ourselves for the last drive into Verona – a welcome break.

Riding through the suburbs of Verona was great, a real city again. The buildings were fascinating – old mixing in with new with great style.

As we came towards the city centre I was looking out for something I could recognise, and there it was, Castelvecchio, a wonderful castle just inside the river boundary.

From there we turned right into a street where I had stayed before, then straight on over the cobbles, past the best gelato shop, and into the square with the amazing arena.

After a couple of victory circuits around the fantastic, huge square we stopped in front of the arena for a photo-shoot, and a well deserved beer, then we walked through the great arches to the hotel.

The accommodation was great, like our own apartment, with many rooms, and breakfast there for the morning.

Just like Trento, Verona is a place I will never get tired of visiting.


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