Cycle The Alps

From Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Lake Garda, and Verona


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Cycle The Alps, from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Lake Garda, and Verona. Enjoy 4 amazing countries in 6 days, with no major roads, and enjoy fantastic Alpine scenery on back roads and trails. There are countless possible routes over the Alps, and I dream about cycling them all one day, but I’m probably not going to get the time. This is probably the easiest route over these amazing mountains, with incredibly diverse scenery along the way.

The route snakes south, touching 4 beautiful countries, as you cycle over the Alps, beside the Dolomites, next to Lake Garda and into the wonderful city of Verona.

Some small parts of the route are on roads, but they are lanes that will rarely be used apart from the odd tractor. The rest is on cycle tracks, mostly paved, especially in Italy.

I chose a route that was safest and easiest. The first two days have some major climbs, but despite your age and physical shape, with enough training you should be ok.

Day 1 takes you across the border from Germany to Austria, and on Day 2 you start in Austria, touch Switzerland, go back into Austria and then climb on up into Italy.

You will experience the smell of Alpine wildflowers, then as you descend the apple orchards are everywhere. Then the apple trees are replaced with olive trees, oranges and grapevines as you get closer to Lake Garda.

Riding through the suburbs of Verona you get a sense of a really classy city. The buildings are fascinating – old mixing in with new with great style. Also with Romeo and Juliet enjoying the best Gelato in the whole of Italy.

After a couple of victory circuits around the fantastic Piazza Bra, stop in front of the Verona Arena for a photoshoot, and enjoy a well deserved beer.


Individual days

The Beginning – Garmish-Partenkirchen to Landeck

Coming out of Garmisch-Partenkirchen the mist and clouds covered the tops of mountains hiding the beauty we were going to see later in the week.

Three Countries in One Day – Landeck to Malles Venosta

Today we are going to start in Austria, touch Switzerland, back into Austria and then into Italy.

Downhill but the Longest Day – Malles Venosta to Bolzano

I learned a big lesson today – just because it is down hill most of the way, don’t think it is quick and easy!

The Dolomites, the Turquoise River, and Trento

This was the easiest and shortest day of the week, and I am so pleased we could arrive into such a fantastic town like Trento with some time to enjoy it.

More Climbing over to Lake Garda

Leaving Trento was sad for me, but once we reached the river I felt back into the routine.

The Final Push to Verona

The last day of riding began trying to get out onto the busy road in-between the traffic. It was good to see Lake Garda, but I don’t like cycling on roads with cars, and I looked forward to getting back onto a real cycle track again.