Cycle Tuscany – Day 6

Civita Castellana to Rome


Total Ascent

Highest Point


With the toughest days done, and 5 days experience behind you, this last day should feel easier, and the places you cycle through are spectacular.

The first place of interest is less than an hour away, Nepi, which became a colony in 383 BC. It is known for its mineral springs and sells its branded water all over Italy.

Through Mazzano Romano, then you see the hidden gem of Calcata.

It was condemned in the 1930s for fear of the volcanic rock collapsing and the residents were re-homed in a new village up the road, Calcata Nuova.  Then in the 1960s artists and hippies reoccupied the empty village, and eventually these squatters began buying the buildings. The creative theme thrives here and is still home to wacky artists and hippies of all ages.

After a stiff climb up through Magliano Romano you come down to a small town called Sacrofano and a very welcome lunch at Il Grottino.

Apart from a few small hills the next hour is down hill and then flat all the way to Rome.

Getting closer to the city the cycle path was like a small hedged motorway going through school and university sports facilities.

You follow the Fiume Tevere as it meanders past The Vatican and Stadio Olimpico until it is time for you to go into the heart of Rome to your own final destination.

If you are brave enough it is a great experience cycling through the centre of Rome – remember that Rome has plenty of cycle paths, just like your own city, but the drivers on the roads may treat you more like a pest, so be careful.

It is a great experience to go around the Piazza Venezia, then southeast to the colosseum for a final photo shoot.

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