Cycle the Alps – Day 1

Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Landeck


Total Ascent

Highest Point


The Beginning – Garmish-Partenkirchen to Landeck

The excitement was mounting as we got our bikes out of the lock up. Not sure what to expect, and we were all wondering how hard today was going to be.

Travelling west through Garmisch-Partenkirchen was fantastic, with the mountains either side and good cycle paths alongside the road. Coming out of Garmisch the mist and clouds covered the tops of mountains hiding the beauty we were going to see later in the week.

Gradually climbing we followed the River Loisach through the valley, the river was spectacular.

Snuggling between the railway and the river and away from the road was a nice safe feeling, but we were all looking forward to getting on the main cycle path.

The path opened up into Ehrwald where we met the official cycle path, which took us through beautiful fields of grass and wild flowers.

Next was an off road track which was very steep and a good challenge.  We stopped at a lake to catch our breath and looking at the hills around we knew there was a lot more climbing to come.

The afternoon was a steady downhill off road tarmac path with fantastic scenery, and I remember cycling through many little villages wishing we had more time.

The path went into the woods where we encountered some men felling trees; to get past them we had to walk up into the woods.

Getting tired now but thankfully a slow steady downhill to the River Inn into Landeck.  We stayed at Pension Thiablick, which was great value for money.

With the bikes locked up we walked back down the hill into Landeck for a lovely dinner at Schwarzer Adler.


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